KITMO was initially established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1961. It all started by designing and manufacturing kitchens thus the name KIT MO an acronym for MOdern KITchen; and soon after paved its way specializing in wood flooring design.

In 2018, KITMO expanded its product range to Closets and Furnishings and launched its Vegan Brand “wabu“.

An expertise merging talent and creativity of 3 generations, a blended experience of 3000+ projects completed and a limitless range of design options and possibilities.

Today, KITMO is still a family owned business that is expertise based and design led, adopting the manufacturing skills and experience of the past generations blended with a modern design thinking.

All products are designed in-house and approached with an earthy, raw sensibility feel by saying more with less. Modern yet timeless, simple yet innovative, perfect for the modern city dweller.