Kitchen Design

  • G L A M

    Our best selling model. Inspired by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

    The GLAM is designed for clients searching for an easy to use and versatile kitchen.

    Its cabinet doors made in white / black glossy acrylic or in a selection of laminated earthy tones / wood makes it a maintenance free kitchen.

    The GLAM modern design truly showcases your personality and bold attitude.

  • V O G U E

    Made for your everyday comfort, VOGUE is a perfect kitchen to add in a living room or an open space.

    It encompasses a simple island with refined lines and beautiful column units with 45 edge handless doors which are its main feature.

    The combination of muted colors painted MDF doors with the oak / walnut wooden veneer makes this kitchen easy to integrate in your home.

    The VOGUE reflects individuals with a well defined pattern in matter of design and is all about high quality material and smooth texture

  • U R B A N

    The URBAN kitchen is remarkably different.

    It mirrors a unique personality and tells a story. The texture of the wood unfolds its own magic.

    The handscrapped wooden doors stand out and make people feel great excitement and appreciation as soon as they see the kitchen.

    The steel structure is designed to elevate the kitchen giving it an airy and soothing feel.

    The URBAN revolutionary design uphold our own principals, without sweeping aside comfort and practicality.

    People who appreciate fine craftsmanship and high quality sustainable sourced material have finally a kitchen created specially for them.

  • N O B L E

    A classic kitchen redesigned.

    The NOBLE respects timeless beauty and embraces it.

    It is elegant and values comfort in limits very well drawn by aesthetics.

    We modernized the classic frame doors by producing them in a petrol blue / hunter green / cameo pink & charcoal grey.

    If you dare revisit a glamorous classic, the NOBLE is the right pick for you.