• Imondi has emerged as a full-solution partner for some of the world’s leading designers & architects, particularly those with an eye for innovation and sustainability.
    Founded in 1999, with offices in shanghai, Hong Kong & the Netherlands; imondi has been the partner of design award-winning hotels, retail spaces and residential properties in 30 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia..
    Imondi is a pioneer in reclaimed wood floors

    Wood Flooring
  • Z-PARKET is a Belgian manufacturer of premium quality parquet flooring. Known for its love of nature and for that organic material called ‘wood’, the company was established in 2004 and quickly became renowned on the international market, thanks to its innovation, creativity and the superior quality it never fails to delivers. A true pioneer when it comes to parquet trends!

    Wood Flooring
  • K-FLOORS is a parquet sub-brand created by Kitmo. It englobes more than 45 wood flooring products that are meticulously hand picked from all over the world.

    Wood Flooring
  • KAINDL is an Austrian company, and a leader when it comes to innovations in the fields of flooring and interior design.
    What began as a small sawmill back in 1897 has meanwhile grown into a global player in the flooring and interior design segment. The idea behind laminate flooring from Kaindl is to redefine a room and create new identities ranging from play areas, to large stages, to quiet areas of relaxation.

    Laminate Flooring
  • WOCA Wood Care offers quality wood care products directly from Denmark. Everything you need for all of your wood floor finishing needs, repair, and maintenance. All the Finishing Oils are VOC free, plant based and non-polluting. They are a safe and environmentally friendly solution for wood stains, wood preservatives, and wood protection.

  • DICA, specialized in kitchen, living room, and bathroom design, was founded in 1984 in Spain. Through innovation and good taste, the company has evolved to own more than 170 showrooms worldwide.

  • COMPREX was established in 1982 in Italy, near Treviso. It is one of the most groundbreaking company in its field, thanks to its particular designs and strategic dynamism.

    Comprex’ fundamental characteristic lies in its deep sensibility in grasping social phenomena in order to turn them into new trends.
    Its philosophy is synonymous with success while the combination of kitchen, image and function expresses an essential harmony.